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Useless tableware




Dimensions variable 



Collaboration Project with


Ryan Hui, Gigi Leung, Rylee Tsang

During the pandemic, we maintained social distancing, we took a step back and returned home, and returned to the familiar self-cooking life.


When you pick up the daily dishes, does all the comfortable eating experience make you wonder about the beauty of this functional ware? What is a good design? There are many ceramic wares in daily life, what is the 100 % perfect food ware? 


In the process of creation, we think about what is good and what is bad, hoping to create objects with 10 %, 20 %,30 %, and 40 % perfect.


The invention of functional ware is for the convenience of human life, however, some strange and weird designs change the essence of the utensils.....


By designing these utensils that are inconvenient for human use, we awaken the different ways of interaction between people and objects as well as question what useful and useless is in this turbulent era.


當你拿起日常碗碟 ,一切舒適的飲食體驗有否讓你不禁感歎器物的美好?何謂好設計?日常生活中有很多陶瓷器皿,那些是你認為100分的器物呢?在創作的過程中,我們透過思考何謂好,何謂不好,希望創作出10分、20分、30分、40分的器物。

器物的出現是為了方便人類的生活,社會的進步不斷改善器物的設計令其更加方便人使用。但有些奇怪荒謬的設計改變了器物的本質,純粹為了方便人類,缺乏基本的人體工學設計。我們透過設計這些不方便人類使用的器物,於這荒亂的時代喚醒人們與物件的不同互動方式 ,如何為有用無用 。

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