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WAN WING KI, Vicky //Based in Hong Kong

WAN Wing Ki, Vicky works with installation, mixed media and mainly with ceramics.


WAN usually gets inspiration from her surroundings, daily practice and Japanese philosophy. She believes art is the fragment of a person, in which people can reshape and reorganize. Therefore, her artworks mainly discuss and connect to the concept of self, serendipity, and the community. She is sensitive to the emotions of others and herself. She believes her ceramics as well as the heart-warming texture and down-to-earth character of the clay, can tell stories and bring warmth and comfort to the audience.


WAN undertakes her bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Visual Arts recently and

has also been to an exchange programme at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland during 2019, majoring in ceramic moulding. Her ceramic works have been exhibited in the Apéro project and joint exhibitions in both ZHdK, Switzerland and Hong Kong.





2016 - 2021

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in VA

Academy of Visual Arts

Hong Kong Baptist University 


2018 - 2019 

(2nd Sem )Bachelor of Art Education

Zurich University of the Arts


2010 - 2016 

The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 

HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School


2022 Apr 

     - Workshop Co-creater 

(8th Touch Art Festival 2022)

2021 Nov- Present 

     - The Founder

 (遺物製造所 About leaving)

2021 Nov 

     - Workshop Co-creater

(deTour 2021 Design Festival )

Creative Workshop -About Room for urns



2023 -《從工藝到生活》展覽Hong Kong

2023 -溫潤之地》尹穎琪-器物個人展覽 Hong Kong

2022 - 《原味 》Original ExhibitionHong Kong

2022- 《有時》A Time 陶藝聯Hong Kong

2022- 《陌生・陌死》遺物製造所聯展 Living & Leaving   Hong Kong

2022- 一本地陶咖啡杯聯展Hong Kong

2021- 賽馬會「手作確幸」年度展覽Hong Kong

2021- Do a dear/楊潔婷X尹穎琪 陶藝聯展Hong Kong

2021- 【 Design Made in Hong Kong - Exhibition 】
Milan - Hong Kong Design: New Forms and Functions in  Parallel with Italian Iconic Works 
Hong Kong

2021-《電影咁》CinethesizeHong Kong

2020 - 香港浸會大學視覺藝術院本科畢業展 2020 .Hong Kong

                   HKBU AVA BA GRADSHOW 2020

2019 - 《漸》Fading .Zurich,Switzerland


2019 - 火炭的天空//藝舍陶藝展.Hong Kong


2018 - 視覺藝術學院新生展.Hong Kong


2017 - 藝有所行年度匯演暨作品展.Hong Kong


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