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A Second

From "One Last Time" Project

冰砂漏斗 ,2021​

Clay, Water


Dimensions variable 


From souvenir project "One Last Time" Concert

作品是為"One Last Time" 音樂會以藝術體驗為主的紀念品。音樂會的主題為「瞬間」,我參照了音樂人在冰島手執冰鑽感到患得患失的故事,創作了約200個瞬間。






“Sad,  We can’t bring them home .”


It tells a story about the contradiction between gain and loss which is based on Heyson's Iceland experience of '' bring the ice home''


When the works left the freezer and come into the audience, the ice would be no longer ice,  the clay began to separate, presenting the muddy of the world collapsing in a second, bringing audiences a time-limited experience.


Heyson Tsang "One Last Time" Concert (200 pieces)
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