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Cement on packing box, fireplace



Dimensions variable 

尺寸不定 .


當一個空間被創造出來時,它便佔據了一個地方,但當地方被拿掉時,它便留下了大量的負空間。 我嘗試重複使用產品包裝盒,改造並欣賞內裏幾何、線條,觀察它們是如何以負空間結束, 又如何能變成「正」空間。


We took out the heart and left tons of negative space.


I reused all the product package boxes and observed how they ended up with negative space. When a space is created, it occupies a place that we call architecture. I tried to transform the abandoned package and investigate how it could create a space, as well as turn it into a "positive" space.

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